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Backup solutions are shifting away from traditional methods to cloud storage

IT support chasing customers to swap out last night's backup tape, delivery vans moving tapes from one place to another, restores requiring multiple tapes to complete... all soon to be relegated to technology history along with floppy disks and green screens.

Free lunch anyone?

Using a free cloud backup service for non-critical personal files might work for some, but relying on a free online backup service for business data can be very risky and generally is not a sound method for protecting your data - here's why:

Support - limited support usually email only.

Data quota - often limited to 2GB, not enough to protect your business.

Small print - there is no such thing as a free lunch, read the small print especially regarding your rights concerning your data should something go wrong. Also, many of the free plans stipulate that they are not for business use.

Data Sovereignty - did you know there are no free backup providers who store your data in Australia! Do you really want your data kept offshore in a country whose laws are unknown to you?

For less than $1 per GB you can find a comprehensive online backup service to secure your data offsite.

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