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Backup solutions are shifting away from traditional methods to cloud storage

IT support chasing customers to swap out last night's backup tape, delivery vans moving tapes from one place to another, restores requiring multiple tapes to complete... all soon to be relegated to technology history along with floppy disks and green screens.

Where in the world is my data?

When you store your data with a Cloud Provider do you truly know where it is physically located? Is it in your state? Your country? If not, then which country is it located in? What are the Data Protection and Privacy Laws of that nation? And are you comfortable with them?

Some Cloud Backup Providers themselves do not even know where their customer’s data is stored! I believe however that transparency and information regarding the location of you data is vital. How else can you pass on assurance to your customers that their data is secure?

As more companies move their data to the cloud the relatively new concept of Data Sovereignty is becoming increasingly important.

Data Sovereignty deals with issues such as which countries’ laws apply to your data based on the country it is located in and the legal rights of a government to access your data.

It is also interesting to note that many countries are now introducing data sovereignty regulations requiring companies to keep their customer’s data in that customer’s home country.

Backing up your data with Vindico IT means you won’t have to worry about any of the above concerns because we ensure that all your data stays in Australia – all the time – and always will.

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